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Marksman Shooting/Safety Glasses 5 Colours Interchangeable Shatterproof UV400 Lenses

Marksman Shooting/Safety Glasses 5 Colours Interchangeable Shatterproof UV400 Lenses
Marksman Interchangeable Lens Set Marksman - fitted Vermillion Lenses. Marksman-Purple Lenses Marksman - Yellow Lenses. Marksman - Grey Lenses Silver-mirror finish. Marksman - Clear Lenses.
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RRP: £33.30
Our price: £22.90
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This Shooting and Safety Glasses set has a 5-in-1 easy change lens system which includes FIVE pairs of polycarbonate shatterproof interchangeable lenses .

The lens colours in the Marksman range are:- Vermillion -- Sodium Yellow -- Purple-- Clear -- Grey with a Silver Mirror finish.

The Dark Grey durable frame has a wrap design, flexible temple tips, and is fitted with comfort nose pads to assist in preventing slipping and provide a comfortable fit.

All the lenses are 100% UV400 rated, and comform to European Standard EN166-F.

The product is supplied in a protective zip case - each lens has its own compartment - which has fitted loops for attaching to a belt and an additional clip.

Shooting Safety Glasses

Interchangeable Shatterproof Lenses 5 Colour set

Suitable for Cycling, Suitable for Golf, Suitable for Shooting or Safety, Frame Colour: Dark Grey, Frame Material: Plastic, Lens Colour: Yellow/Purple/Pink/Clear/Silver-Mirror, Lens Type: Polycarbonate shatterproof, Lens Filter category: Category 3, Lens Material: Interchangeable, Lens Polarization Type: Non-polarized, Special Feature 1: Interchangeable Shatterproof Lenses, Special Feature 2: 5 Colour set, excellent value

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Shooting Safety Glasses

Interchangeable Shatterproof Lenses
5 Colour set
Suitable for Cycling
Suitable for Golf
Suitable for Shooting or Safety
Frame Colour: Dark Grey
Frame Material: Plastic
Lens Colour: Yellow/Purple/Pink/Clear/Silver-Mirror
Lens Type: Polycarbonate shatterproof
Lens Filter category: Category 3
Lens Material: Interchangeable
Lens Polarization Type: Non-polarized
Special Feature 1: Interchangeable Shatterproof Lenses
Special Feature 2: 5 Colour set